With plenty of first hand experience in planning and organising holidays as singletons, couples and as families with children, we endeavour to only offer options suitable to your individual circumstances.

Shopping around the city hubs, lazying around by the pools and beaches, enjoying local foods and customs are only a few of the things we immerse ourselves in during our travels. 

We also have a particular interest in activities such as surfing and scuba diving and can therefore propose tailored suggestions for enthusiasts of such sports and are always looking to introduce new people to the joy they bring. 

From mid to high budget, short term to long term, we can make use of our experience and knowledge, or reach out to our partners' network, to come up with enticing options. 

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This beautiful mediterranean island is Escape Plan's founder's place of birth and the love and pride she feels for it is what drives her to want to introduce it to the world. Also known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, it is the perfect choice for a short hop holiday and has plenty to offer for all tastes.  Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, quartz pebbled beaches, intricate caves, canyons, mountains, calm and surf able waters, still days and high winds, long summers, wonderful temperatures, delicious food and culture and traditions dating back thousands of years.

All gallery images supplied by Sardegna Geographic.



This little island holds a very special place in our hearts, so much so we have spent many Christmases enjoying rather unusual traditions and has been our summer home for the last 18 years. The balinese are some of the kindest, happiest and balanced people we have ever met and their land is a well of opportunities. Whether it be yoga, diving, fishing, shopping, pampering, trekking or just relaxing by the beach or pool, you just can't go wrong with Bali. It is also a great family destination with plenty of activities for children of all ages. To top it all off, it is a world class surf destination, with plenty of breaks to suit all abilities. Definitely one for the bucket list!


LONDON and the south west of england

London is where we call home and although not the sunny shores of a tropical island, it is, in our opinion, the best city in the world and a great destination for our international clients. It is difficult to spend time here and not be captivated by the myriad of options on offer. Art, culture, food, shopping and entertainment are so abundant and diverse, there is something for every taste. Drive away from this busy hub and you will find that tranquillity is restored within a short drive, where fields and country mansions take over the scene. For a more relaxed, down to earth experience, opting for the country escape or the British seaside experience could just be the perfect ticket!