What information do I need to provide? Name, contact details, dates of travel, number of travellers , including children and their ages at the time of travel, are the very bare minimum. Additional information such as which activities you would like to enjoy whilst on holiday, accommodation preference (i.e. hotel or villa), ideal budget, accommodation facilities required (i.e. kids club, private pool, fitness centre etc..) and likes and dislikes ( i.e. love the beach but hate swimming in the sea) are all additional details that will allow us to only present options that stand a real chance in being your perfect match. In essence, the more information you provide, the more in depth our search can be and the more apt the options you receive will be.

Do you recommend places to see and things to do? We will send you a list with the most renowned attractions in the area as well as recommendations of things to do, restaurants and local businesses that might enhance your holiday. Obviously, these are based on our opinion and taste and I would therefore recommend you do a little research and you part take with an open mind. Sites such as TripAdvisor can be of great help, but take the time to read the bad reviews as well as the good ones and when available, look at the travellers' pictures which represent facts rather than opinions!

How much does your service cost? We will always try to negotiate the best possible rate for our clients and often have preferential rates with our suppliers on which we will add our commission. The price you are quoted in this circumstance is the price you will pay. We sometimes charge a finders fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the total booking price. We apply this fee when we do not have an agreement in place with the supplier and are unable to carry out the booking on your behalf. In this instance, you will have to pay the accommodation directly and our commission separately. This allows us to reach out to any and all properties on the market and include every option available in order to find your perfect match (For example, Air BnB sometimes has really good options which are better suited to specific preferences. As they are a platform which connects owners to the end client, we are unable to finalise the booking on your behalf and therefore unable to negotiate a commission to sustain our work. Should you wish for us to include these kinds of platforms in our search, you have to agree to pay our finders fee separately and on receipt of invoice). You are essentially paying for the time spent reading the description of all criteria matching properties, the time spent researching the properties in question and, where applicable, our time in negotiating the best deal for you. (i.e. we will look at all reviews available and use our best judgement in discarding properties which are notorious for issues that can have a big impact on the holiday. These are always based on solid facts rather than opinion. For example, if a property has sewage issues or a known insect infestation, we will immediately discard it, we won't, however, discard a property that is furnished in a certain way as that comes down to individual taste and opinion). We will always specify which properties are subject to a finders fee and send clear quotes with the total amount payable. We always recommend you do your own research on all the properties we send, as you might pick out strong dislikes which we were not aware of.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy? Cancellation Policies are dictated by the end supplier and are always listed and made clear to the client before a booking. Escape Plan also applies cancellation policies but, as these vary between properties, they are mentioned on individual quotes. Finders fees are generally non refundable as the process involved in vetting these properties would have been carried out.

Which areas do you cover? We specialise in Bali, Sardinia, London and the South West of England, however, we have created partnerships with agencies we can lean on for worldwide destinations and we are constantly working towards expanding our reach so, send us an email with your request and we will let you know if we can help.